Word Search Puzzles
Can you find all the tree words in these puzzles?

Treehouse Clubhouse - COMING SOON!
Join in the fun as a Treehouse Clubhouse member. Find fun activities to learn more about trees and make a difference in your neighborhood!

Dig It!

The Secrets of Soil.


The Great Plant Escape

Detective Leplant and his partners, Bud and Sprout, need your help to unlock the mysteries of soil and plant life.


Hank Heron Conservation Club

Learn important facts about the environment around you and how you can make a difference! Click on "Hank Heron" above to learn more and how to sign up to receive the activity-filled newsletter! Click here for a sneak peak - their Spring edition!

Or, contact them by mail:

Central Indiana Land Trust

1500 N. Delaware Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Email: info@conservingindiana.org

Phone: 317.631.LAND (5263)


Just for Kids Soil Biological Communities

Learn more about the creatures that live in soils with Smokey Bear.


Just For Kids - US Forest Service

Explore topics with Smokey Bear, Woodsy Owl, and Kids in the Woods.


S. K. Worm

Find answers to your questions about soil and other stuff.


Sammy Soil

Downloadable coloring book to teach kids about soils.


Soil at Work

Meet Claude, a smart little clod of dirt, and the first thing he'll tell you is EVERYTHING begins and ends with soil!


Soil Safari

Take the EarthShip underground and discover what is beneath your feet!

Community Service Brochure
Get involved! Make a Difference! Learn how you can make an impact in your community with friends and family by following the steps in this brochure.

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