Tree Selection and Care

This is a resource available to homeowners providing information on which tree to plant, where to plant it and how to care for it in a way that will accommodate the needs of the tree and surrounding environment.


Information for Educators

Teachers or group leaders who are looking for ways to involve students in the Plant A Million project, or other environmental projects, can utilize these resources and curriculum to teach students more about trees and the outdoors.


Just for Kids

Fun activities and projects for youth of all ages to learn about trees and shrubs and how they can make a difference in their communities.


How Trees Work For Us

Trees serve a number of important functions which benefit both the environment as a whole and humans more specifically. Moreover, trees can be especially helpful for use in rain gardens; retention ponds and other bioretention structures. (Click above to learn more)


Glossary of Tree Terms

To help you understand more about tree terms and the definitions of words related to your trees and shrubs.


Download an online version of all of our printed materials. Among them is the Your Yard, Your Trees guide, the Keeping Your Trees healthy brochure, and the Planting Healthy Trees pamphlet.

Additional Resources
Find links to articles and publications on trees and their health as well as local and national organizations that share many of our objectives.


Last updated 1-28-09